Introduction of Website

时间:2021/4/5 16:45:28 撰稿人:大卫

播安飞天世界顶级3d街头地画团队艺术家团队,是由三十三位基督徒3D绘画艺术家联合创立。现2015计划打破吉尼斯世界最大、世界最长3D立体绘画记录。深圳文博大运会正式参展3D地画艺术家。今日中国3D画坛领军团队。Sow an flying 3D street China most powerful painting elite team official web site.
Sow an flying Chinese most powerful 3D painting artist team, was founded by thirty-three Christian 3D painting artist union. Now 2015 plan to break the Guinness world largest, the world's longest 3D three-dimensional painting record. Shenzhen Wenbo Universiade formal participation 3D painting artists. Today China 3D painting team leader




Sow an flying Chinese most powerful 3D 3D street painting art network

        was established in 2005, has been widely acclaimed. Aims to study painting, introduced 3D and 3D street art, and with the space and platform for broad netizen communication. The website shows, since 2001 the artist representative 3D painting art works. And a collection of newspapers, magazines, television, network video about 3D painting, stereograph, 3D murals, street related interviews to draw. Among them, there are CCTV, people's daily, Guangming Daily, China Central Academy of Fine Arts art information network, Hongkong Wen Wei Po, Oriental TV and other well-known mainstream media to interview content 3D three-dimensional painting artists.
        Recently, the website opened a smooth channel for collection of works, the home page lower right, can enter the "collection invited" page, a clear understanding of host 3D three-dimensional painting exhibition, methods and steps. Easily help you curatorial success.
        Art lovers can be linked to the artist micro-blog, Micro message, e-mail. Direct online with us thirty-three Christians 3D three-dimensional painting art exchange, consulting, comment.